Self Love Squirter Box

Self Love Squirter Box

Slippery Coco || Self Love Squirter Gift Box

Self love is the best kind of love, and it doesn’t get any better than the Self Love Squirter Box by Slippery Coco in collaboration with Yoni Pleasure Palace!


We are so excited to have teamed up with the beautiful Rosie Rees to bring to you the most divine combination; Slippery Coco and the Sacred Squirter.


Rosie’s Sacred Squirter glass wand is one of her most popular and famous designs. With its curved tentacle shape and textured glass bumps and ridges along its body for maximum pleasure, the Sacred Squirter has been helping women engage their G-spot and experience the most intense big-O while also helping to facilitate squirting. The perfect addition to our gift box to take your self love experience to the next level.


Set the mood and dim the lights... Start by running a nice warm bath and lighting the delicious Glasshouse candle to fill the bathroom with an amazing vanilla caramel aroma, good enough to eat. While the bath fills up, it would be rude not to fill your glass up also, so pop that bottle of Moet and pour yourself a glass in true style. Drop the gorgeous Lush bath bomb into the bath and slip on in (pun intended). Let your body sink softly into the water. Lay back, relax and pamper yourself with the skinstitut mask, and don’t forget to enjoy a naughty treat (the chocolates we mean...or do we?).


Now that you are feeling amazing it’s time to reach for the Slippery Coco and feel the silky drops delicately touch your skin. Once your feeing silky smooth, its time to carefully embrace The Sacred Squirter and really turn the heat up.


Treat yourself...because you deserve it!



1x Slippery Coco Luxury Intimacy Oil

1x Sacred Squirter

1x 200ml Moet & Chandon

1x Flute glass

3x Lindt milk chocolate balls

1x Glasshouse candle

1x Lush bath bomb

1x Skintitut face mask


Originally created for people with sensitive skin, and allergies to conventional lubricants, Slippery Coco’s unique multi-use formula has now proven to be a go-to favourite for our community of all ages, backgrounds and needs.