Roll Play by Slippery Coco

Roll Play by Slippery Coco

They say role play is a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom... Well, things are about to get HOT in here!


We are excited to introduce Roll Play by Slippery Coco! The cheeky game of temptation and seduction.


This luxury dice game comes beautifully packaged and is designed for couples ready to take their fore-play to the next level. Guaranteed to leave your partner gasping for more!


Grab your partner and get ready for things to get sexy. Try your luck by rolling each die to reveal your action (e.g. BLOW) and then a part of the body (e.g. ME).


Connect with your partner by engaging all of your senses. This is the game where there is no loser...everybody wins with every roll.


Psst...Turn up the heat a little bit and set your own actions and parts of the body to match your desires. Even include toys!

For Example:




And if you’re feeling extra spicy, why not try with a blindfold on your partner? Surprise them with every touch, every tease and every taste!

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